Important information – electricity

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We need to replace our electricity centres in the basements. In connection with this work, we will also prepare and modernise for solar cells. As part of this, the housing association has decided to introduce IMD electricity in preparation for possible solar cells.

Information meeting 2024-08-31 11.30 in the park at Lodvägen 14.

IMD electricity means that the association buys electricity jointly, but measures the individual electricity consumption per apartment and charges the actual consumption. The aim of introducing IMD electricity is to reduce electricity costs and to enable the use of self-produced solar electricity from soar panels for both members’ household electricity and property electricity. Without a common electricity contract, self-generated solar electricity can only be used for property electricity and the rest must be sold externally at a relatively low price.

How does this affect me and how do I stay informed

On-going information will be available on this page and on the notice boards. Those who have registered their e-mail address in the HSB portal will also receive information by e-mail.

We will not need to enter any apartments during the work. In connection with the rebuilding of the electrical centre, the entire property will be without power for approximately 8-12 hours. This also means that all apartments will be without power for the same time.

Information about when the work will take place in your particular apartment will be sent approx. 2 weeks in advance.

This will be tentatively between 10 September and 24 October.

The apartment

  • No electricity
  • No lighting
  • No broadband
  • No TV

Rest of the building

  • The lifts are standing
  • Led lights in the stairwells
  • No lighting in the basement
  • Fans are switched off
  • Laundry rooms switched off
  • Automatic doors switched off (however, the locks are working)

Refrigerators and freezers will be fine provided they are opened minimally and preferably not at all during the power cut and for a couple of hours afterwards.

Water will be available during the power cuts. May be problems with hot water but cold water will be available